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A new challenge for the 4th industrial revolution in the defense field ...!

New Challenges for 4th Industrial Revolution in Military Sector


Wind generator  Military Operational Impact Study

[ RIA on/off shore wind farm ]

The impact of wind farms on military operations 

Investigate and analyze the degree of impact based on the Military Base Act, military bases and facilities 


Information technology and strategic planning

[ Information Technology & management     Strategy  ]

Design system composition and technical structure for system operation and required capability/performance for realization of military use concept

03_분석 및 평가.PNG

Cost/Technology Maturity Survey and Analysis

[ Cost analysis / Technology Readiness   Assessment ]

Assess the value of the project cost, analyze the current technical maturity, and present a systematic approach to estimating strengths and weaknesses

04_복합체계 분석.PNG

Complex system analysis

[ System of Systems Analysis ]

A knowledge-based analysis activity that affects the entire system by analyzing the interrelationships between systems, finding dependencies, strengths/weaknesses, and nodes

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