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ICASS:  Integrated Computer-Aided Simulation Suite

Integrated computer-aided simulation solution

  • Use of real equipment or systems, specific training for individuals/groups possible
  • Training is developed by the equipment/system and the scenario created by the modeler
    ☞ Applicable equipment:  Sonar, etc. (CBT).  system  : ASWTT (anti-submarine training), etc.
  • Upload actual situation, cultivate training response ability and induce difficult situation
  • Considering the trainee's reaction, changing the training situation by guiding the training assistant 
  • See simulation model,  Detection/capability difference analysis, concept development support
  • Starting from various situations in the scenario, applying evaluation as a new concept
  • Based on accumulated data through continuous training, analysis by Monte-Carlo method  
  • External/simulation network configuration, standard interface, DIS/HLA implementation
  • Equipped with VV&A function, specific equipment/SW object  exam  support
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