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Sonar Engine

Based on marine environment/object characteristics,  Sonar Engine

Sonar Engine.gif
Sonar Engine ?
  • Sonar performance factors and Marine environment, self - ship maneuvering characteristics , detection probability ,  An engine that simulates the change in detection performance according to the sound wave transmission condition, the degree of damage to the ship and the characteristics of the target by the underwater acoustic equation.
  • DB (Marine Environment, Object Characteristics) Linkage + Underwater Acoustic Equation
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  • Multiple Sonar Reciprocal Impact Analysis
  • Implementation of active sonar using the Sonar equation
  • Implementing passive sonar using the Sonar equation
  • Real-time analysis of TASS received acoustics, probabilistic-based location identification
  • 3D display of identified acoustic information characteristics (position, pattern)
  • Implementation of Sonar Eng function capable of performing deep-sea anti-submarine warfare
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